A little background

Forest Creatives. Created in 2007 by Siew Yuen, affectionately known as gobbs aka your ideaculturist.

Forest Creatives thrives on
Working with client who are open to new creative approaches
Collaborating with designers, programmers, copy-writers, video experts, marketing expert and so on)
Supporting agencies that need additional creative fertiliser

Sowing seeds of strategic creative solutions

Gobbs, the ideaculturist
Believes she's planted on earth with a mission to turn business dreams and marketing vision into fruition with SEEDS of GREAT IDEAS. A geek wannabee. An unstoppable 24 hr Idea incubator.

Pursued her passion in Graphic Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne
Has a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Design)
Survived 3 years of commando training at a boutique advertising agency which honed her strong conceptualising ability.
It was also during her stint at the agency where she found her passion and calling in creating graphics, images and words that captures the essence of a brand.

Inspired by A Tree in a Forest by Ajahn Chah and the discovery of the sheer abundance and wisdom during an evening walk in a nature reserve, she decided to name her business Forest Creatives.

ideaculturist: a creative (person) who nurtures ideas and concepts from mere seeds, into huge evergreen forests
gobbs@forestcreatives.com   +65 6502 8896